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Purpose of this website

           The website is the home for the French “” domain. Its main language is the French language.

           This website has never been a commercial platform and has, up today, no commercial ambition. This means that my research is offered as a gift. Therefore, a part of my scientific work is translated into the English/American language with the unique ambition to increase the perimeter of my audience. I hope you enjoy it, excuse my mistakes (orthograph, grammar, …) and find sometimes a little bit time to discuss about it with me.

           This website is a private initiative (self-edition) exposing (i) a personal intellectual adventure (including its psychological and sociological part), (ii) some elements concerning modern topics in scientific domains and, by the way, (iii) a toy-theory.

           The main purpose is to help students starting in studying sciences and develop their motivation for the scientific human adventure.

           This website is not exchanging sensible data. If, by the way, my toy-theory is flirting with the borders of sciences today, it is a pure hazard and just because its natural/logical development is forcing me to consider these sensible topics. There is no attempt to develop any concurrence against professional teams. These teams are free to visit my website, read my scientific documents and start a discussion with me if they have the legal permission to do it.

           If my theoretical attempt brings interesting pedagogical material (exercises, thoughts, …) for teachers, students, researchers in general, please just be fair and let me know.


Copyright notice

           Since I am a self-editor, my edition is identified with an/the ISBN number: 978-2-36923.

           Each scientific document is identified with one of the matriculations: 978-2-36923-xyz-t (paper) /EAN 978236923xyzt (online).

           These matriculations have been delivered by the AFNIL organization via the “Bibliothèque Nationale de France”, Paris, on the 14th January 2013 and belong to the prior generation.

           I call “scientific document” a document with one of my ISBN/EAN matriculations.

           The scientific documents are available under a Creative Common LicenceAttribution NonCommercial NoDerivative 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)” (extern links).  

           The modification of a matriculation is, of course, forbidden.

           The reproduction of any other part of my website (texts, images, links…) or of the whole website is forbidden.


Conditions of use

           Modern technologies, unfortunately, allow anyone to hack any electronic materials. The peaceful exchange of ideas is consequently a question of mutual trust.

           If my documents have the necessary level and can be useful in classrooms, you may use it there. But once again, any feedback in case of this eventuality would be fair.

           My texts contain links to third parties, for example: Wikipedia, Elsevier… . You visit the extern servers at your own risks. I endorse no responsibility for damages which would, unfortunately, occur on your computer, programs or softwares after a visit on my website or on any extern link.


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