1. Motivations for a thesis
  2. Definitions and concepts
  3. Methods of decomposition and results
  4. Applications for the intrinsic method
  5. The Lorentz-Einstein Law
  6. The GTR2
  7. List of works
  8. My contributions on researchgate.net; you visit these links at your own risk.

For English/American speaking visitors

           This website is a private initiative (self-edition) exposing (i) a personal intellectual adventure (including its psychological and sociological parts), (ii) some elements concerning modern topics in scientific domains and, by the way, (iii) a toy-theory. The main purpose is to help students starting in studying sciences and develop the motivation for the scientific human adventure.


           Point (i) will not be developed in the English version; point (ii) is introducing in the French language a few numbers of scientific items catching much attention (expansion of the universe, dark energy, dark matter, superconducting devices,…) and that may eventually be in relation with the point (iii) which is the so-called “Theory of the (E) Question” (alias: the TEQ); see the page “Motivations for a thesis”.


           Technically speaking, the TEQ is defining deformed tensor, exterior and Lie products; it is studying their eventually non-trivial decompositions. To understand these words properly, please first visit the page explaining my semantic on the page “Definitions and concepts”.


           The initial motivation of that gigantic quest is rooted into a seminal document demonstrating in a very simple way how the injection of the most trivial version of these mathematical tools into Maxwell’s equations describing electromagnetic fields in vacuum prove the existence of a volumetric density of force in these empty regions; to counter-check this affirmation, please visit the page called: “Maxwell’ vacuum”.


           Many hours of work have allowed a systematic treatment of the initial mathematical preoccupations; it can be discovered on the page “Methods of decomposition and results”.


           These mathematical considerations have a few concrete applications in physics where they are developed into three main directions.

·       One is looking for consequences of the intrinsic method in a three-dimensional space and is exposing my vision concerning empty spacetimes (For example: discover the page “Vacuum and Strings”).

·       Another one focuses on the consequences of the extrinsic method with the pedagogical help of the so-called Lorentz-Einstein Law.

·       And a last one is an extension of Einstein’s theory (the GTR2).


This website is a friendly attempt with the purpose to share the results of that quest. I hope you enjoy it. The whole work is only a toy-theory and there is no warranty that the proposed results are true or have any correspondence into the real world.


Nevertheless, that approach is able to recover already known results; just two examples: (i) the formalism of some electromagnetic fields; (ii) a term related to the bulk inversion term.


This website is developed with the unsaid hope that these explorations will catch somewhere the attention of someone, perhaps of professional people or teams. Any feedback or discussion concerning this initiative will be appreciated. You can contact me.


© Thierry PERIAT, 17 January 2019.