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First exploring the absence of source in an isotropic and static metric

It is one of the most surprising result appearing along that quest. The coherence of an investigation incorporating the second order variations of the basis vectors give rise to spinors (*extern link Wikipedia-GB). That means that one must manage a Clifford’s algebra* and that the theory can introduce EM-like fields that obviously have a geometrical origin.


If they are not a kind of ghost (example: Faddeev-Popov ghosts*), they are of the greatest importance for the modern researches because they offer a natural link between the Maxwell’s theory for electromagnetism* and topological considerations.


A deeper analysis of the calculations exhibits the fact that these EM-like fields are deeply related to the Riemann’s-like tensor of that GTR2 approach (*the document is in revision, but an analysis of the foundations can be read on the French part of this website).


The document below examines the case corresponding to an absence of source in an isotropic and static metric. These situations have already been studied within the Einstein-Maxwell theory (EMT) and they may represent a contact zone with the GTR2 if the prediction made by the latter is confirmed*.  


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