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The previous exploration has proposed a totally new logical path between the theory of relativity (A. Einstein’s work; alias: GTR) and W. Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle (extern link Wikipedia – GB) in a full four-dimensional context. The link is obtained with a specific treatment of the Lorentz-Einstein Law of motion involving a procedure allowing the decomposition of deformed tensor (resp. Lie) products. It yields a specific and new expression for the (2, 0) representation of the EM fields.


This expression is important because it contains terms depending on the local four-dimensional metric and on its variations. Just because of that fact, it can be suspected that EM fields have permanent interaction with the geometry. Hence, the new formulation should be able to give indications on the intensity of the interactions between both types of fields.


In this document, I prove that, when the EM fields can be written as explained in “A. Einstein versus W. Heisenberg”, then they may sometimes be equivalent to small variations of the geometry. This is the reason why I have called that part of my explorations: “The subtle interplay between the EM fields and the geometry”. This is not a new document (2016), but it contains interesting and pedagogical information about the links between EM fields, spinors (see extern link Wikipedia – GB) and gravitation.


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